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GreyRock is the civil engagement strategy we need to win 2024 and beyond. It’s designed to counter weaponized disinformation, big tech censorship and keep you safer and more effective online. Subscribe to the bi-monthly newsletter for evidence-based issue research, strategic analysis and ready-made social content you can post.

Help the campaigns and candidates you support monitor and measure censorship. Share your own experience with account bias and censorship. (Campaigns checkout GreyRock Visibility Services.)

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Learn how to protect yourself and educate others against abusive digital tactics from any vector. We help support your personal communications freedom and security, and help you bring the message to your organization, campaign, or party committee. Get full access to the newsletter and website. Never miss an update!

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  • Citizens who want a personal digital strategy to protect themselves while countering disinformation, trolls, media bias and big tech censorship.

  • Conservatives, liberty-loving Independents, center-right Republicans, conservative Democrats, populists, MAGA and all 1st amendment advocates.

  • Elected officials, candidates, campaign managers, county chairman and all party committee members who need a digital strategy, better engagement and content to make it happen. All subscribers get discounted access to add on services:

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    • GreyRock Visibility: Content Intelligence, Audits, Benchmarks, Content Monitoring and Social Listening.

    • Writing Services and Content Creation.

    • Full Service Marketing or Political Consulting Services.

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James P. O’Brien is founder of GreyRock.Digital and publisher of The GreyRock Strategy. He has 3 decades of experience on 300+ campaigns and tech startups- including Trump 2016 and as former publisher of Campaigns & Elections. James’ technology and strategic experience as an agency owner, CEO, and marketing executive provides unparalleled insight and practical digital advice.

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GreyRock is a civil engagement strategy, an evidence-based counter to disinformation, censorship and critical theory.


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