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The number one mistake campaigns make is not publishing the volume and frequency of content necessary for digital success.

GreyRock helps you:

  1. Publish more of the most effective content

  2. Increase grassroots digital engagement

  3. Optimize impact of paid and earned media

Get daily, weekly or monthly content monitoring and social listening reports with actionable insights and analytics to measure your campaign’s overall performance.

Know the trends and what’s working or not. Leverage advanced AI and the same powerful enterprise monitoring technology used by the IC and world’s largest brands.

GreyRock Visibility services are designed to monitor, measure and stop the censorship which stole victories in ‘20 and ‘22 and amplify your campaign’s voice for 2024.

Social Listening

  • See Supporter Conversations

  • See Opposition Conversations

  • ID Influencers, Power-Users and Potential Threats

  • Measure Social Media Impact

Content Monitoring

  • Platform Performance

  • Content by Type Performance

  • Grassroots Accountability and Censorship Monitor

  • Measure Owned and Earned Media Impact

Analytics Aggregation

  • Website Analytics

  • Social Platform Analytics

  • Audience Demographics

Content Development

  • What’s Working?

  • Original Content Creation

  • Feature Issue Reports

  • Customized Syndicated Messaging Content

  • Cross Platform Content Merchandising

  • Replies to Messages and Posts

Tech Stack Options*

  • Search Optimization Analytics

  • Website Visitor ID Match

  • Develop One Stop Analytics Dashboard

*extra fee-based options

It starts with a content audit: benchmark reporting with analytics aggregation to establish baselines. We partner with your campaign’s unique structure and ensure the right people have actionable data and insight to make decisions and engage to meet campaign KPI’s.

GreyRock optimizes campaign voice monitoring and measuring for media and platform bias and potential tech-based throttling and censorship against campaigns and individual accounts. 

We work with you to fix platform problems that arise. And big tech seemingly makes sure you have problems.

An estimated 1/3 to 1/2 of all Republican campaign and supporter communications were labeled, blocked, throttled, volume turned down, virality dampened, etc. by programmatic censorship we did not see clearly or measure. Censorship caused the major losses in 2020 and 2022.

Privacy Note: This service is compliant with all applicable laws, regulations and platform terms of service. It serves as a powerful compliance, trust and safety tool.

Initial Content Audit

1. Review current social media channel stack impact and discuss alternatives LinkedIn, Truth Social, Gttr, Rumble, Substack.

2. Review individual channel performance and alternatives potential.

3. Consider the changes to content performance in 2024 by format and topic by censorship propensity, opposition response, and sentiment/emotion created.

4. Capture audience profiles and initial persona drill down (targeting- can take longer to build out).

5. Assess available analytics, access management and needs analysis.

6. Privacy policy, security protocol and data breach and incident response review.

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